Leaping further from the new city of Japan to the world

The Salam foods processing (SFP) is a food-processing factory for exclusive use of the first Japanese halal which acquired the halal certification.

Living or staying in Japan for the Muslim people may be difficult in terms of ‘food’. This is because many companies/restaurants of Japan have less knowledge about the halal now.

We send high quality halal products to overseas Muslims by security of "MADE IN JAPAN" not to mention the Muslim during such staying or vivisitn in Japan.

The demand has been increasing from a variety of people as well as the Muslim, too.

Halal food:
does not include such as growth hormones and pesticides in the fattening process;
takes the slaughter method and process to keep freshness;
is made with the process (fattening, stocking, production and distribution) of the raw materials that is additive-free and conformed to halal.
Because a coherent regime is set, it is the food that also proves height-safety in terms of the traceability.
The halal food attracts attention concerning "safe and reliable food" which anyone can eat.
We emphasize on development of a variety of food without the pork such production as chicken gyoza and the beef hamburger steak of halal food including a meat artefact of beef & chicken, a cooking artefact and the retort curry.

We also suggest the most suitable meals/catering as well as ingredients offer.
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