Leaping further from the new city of Japan to the world
Cooked and Processed Food
Retort Curry
Premium curry with selected quality ingredients and the meticulous manufacturing method
SFP Original Beef Curry
Salam Foods Processing
Japanese style curry with a special premium blend of beef bouillon.
Kuroge Wagyu Beef processed products
Roasted Beef(Amakusa Black)
The perfect Roasted juicy & tender Beef made from the premium Amakusa Kuroge Wagyu and a carefully selected seasonings and ingredients. You will not be able to resist.
Premium Beef Hamburg Steak
This premium Hamburger Kuroge Wagyu steak is THE IDEAL choice for all Hamburger lovers. A Hamburger like no other.
Other Products
Japanese Chicken Dumplings “Gyoza”
hese easy to prepare and amazingly delicious stuffed with chicken dumplings is one of the best healthy snacks and a perfect choice for parties and gatherings.
Chicken Meatball
Once you try these delicious, light, sweet and sour flavored Chicken Meatball, you’ll never go back to beef meatballs. Another perfect choice for parties and gatherings.
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